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The Andy Griffith Show was one of my all time favorite shows and I drew this sketch of the courthouse in Mayberry when Andy Griffith passed away a couple years ago.  Well, I actually wasn’t in Mayberry, because it doesn’t exist.  But this is the courthouse on the show.  Yes, the same courthouse where Goober took a car completely apart and put it together inside the courthouse while Floyd the Barber called it a thing of beauty…classic.

Hillyard Variety Store

Hillyard Variety

We lived in Spokane for awhile a couple years ago, and there was a store in the Hillyard neighborhood called Hillyard Variety Store.  It was a landmark in the area, mainly I think because the store was painted turquoise and obviously stuck out.  This sign has been around for thousands of years.  You could find anything at the store, kind of like a flea market in one place.  I got a metal lunchbox with Ichiro and other Seattle Mariner players on it.  I ended up giving it to my daughter for her birthday.



This is a picture I’ve already posted, but with summer kicking off this weekend, it’s time to shift to drinks to cool you down. Try your favorite drink iced!  Enjoy!