Travel Tips

Travel Tips

One of my hobbies is to people watch when I’m at an airport. This is better than the zoo! Here, I sit, and they walk past me. I never sit at my assigned gate either. Like a sniper, I sit back at a distance. Watching. Waiting. On my recent trip, I noticed people generally exit the aircraft and find a bathroom. I’m usually in this group, too. The other thing people do is look for an outlet to recharge their devices.  You can see them coming, walking toward a “Power Port” with so much hope on their faces only to be denied by a cluster of other devices…These are almost always full with a waiting line. The devices reminded me of those little green martians on Toy Story that were mesmerized by “The Claaaaw”. The devices would gather around the power ports, gazing up at “the source of life” in awe and bewilderment, no doubt waiting to go on facebook to reveal some earth shattering news like, “just landed” or “just went to the bathroom”…I’m not in this group as I am not on facebook nor do I want to be. As I was people watching, I saw something rare and exotic. Two people actually talking in conversation face to face without checking their phones every 17 seconds. Fascinating.

The French Market, Y’all.

The French Market

I live in the Northwest where coffee is a big part of our culture and I like that.  On our annual visit to East Tennessee, I broke down and found myself settling even for Starbucks…In a land of all-you-can-eat pancake buffets, and deep fried everything I found a very nice place in downtown Knoxville called The French Market Creperie. The crepes were amazing and the coffee was great!



I’m always amazed by nature and the glory it gives to our Creator.  And I doubt we will ever come to the end of all there is to see. What I do see, is the imagination and creativity at a whole new level.  I found this on my recent trip to Tennessee, waaay back in the mountains. I literally reached down to pick up what looked like an amazing tiny carving of a  wooden shield with a cross on it. (In Tennessee, they’d call it, “whittling” or as they would say, “we-ut-lin” ) Just as I’m thinking somebody has lost an unbelievable piece of work, all of a sudden, it flies away. After some research, I found out it’s called a Clymene Haploa Moth. Clymene Moth