photoRemembering these special days to us that were spent with special friends in this building during a season in our life in Spokane, Washington.  We’ll never be the same.

Blessings y’all!

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium


Baseball season starts this week! I love baseball, and although I am an avid Seattle Mariners fan, I drew Yankee $tadium for one of my friends who is a Yankee’s fan. (Being a Yankee fan is easy.) This is the new stadium that cost $1.5 Billion to build!  The first one was built in 1923 and to watch Babe Ruth play you could get a ticket for $1.10  That same ticket today will run you about $52…and no Babe…and if you wanted a hot dog back in the day it was a whopping .25 cents and today a bottle of water at Yankee Stadium is $5…times have changed obviously, but it’s still a game and what a great game it is! Go Mariners!


Trader Joe’s

Trader JoesFinally, Boise has a Trader Joe’s. If you’ve never been to one, it’s a small grocery store where you can buy “unconventional and interesting” products, not your normal everyday brands you’d see at your SUPER market. In fact, you won’t find hardly any. There may be a product that stays awhile, or sometimes, when it sells out, that’s it. But it’s always fun to see what new food items are in, and to just get my staples…you know, cookie butter and  Blonde Joe-Joe’s… I like just about everything there, except I’m NOT a Tofu or Tofurkey guy by any stretch of the imagination but the fresh organic veggies are about the same price as the Chemical Veggies the big guys sell. The workers all run around in Hawaiian Shirts and are friendly and very helpful. The parking,…uh…well…um,…lets just say I’m thankful we have a Trader Joe’s and my timing is bad.  A fun time. Fun food. Check them out at

Consider the Birds

Bird FeederMy wife is great at making useful gifts and gadgets especially for the garden. She found this idea on Pinterest. It’s a bird feeder made out of a wine bottle (or any really cool looking bottle will do). 1.  Drill 2 holes, one on each side of the bottle near the bottom (this can be tricky)   2.  Epoxy a small saucer to the bottom. (she found this cool one at a thrift store for .99 cents!)   3. Wrap copper wire around the top and make a hook. (.69 cents a foot at Home Depot or Lowe’s–8 gauge) 4. Fill it with bird seed and hang it up!   It’ll make you think Spring is near.