I’m always amazed by nature and the glory it gives to our Creator.  And I doubt we will ever come to the end of all there is to see. What I do see, is the imagination and creativity at a whole new level.  I found this on my recent trip to Tennessee, waaay back in the mountains. I literally reached down to pick up what looked like an amazing tiny carving of a  wooden shield with a cross on it. (In Tennessee, they’d call it, “whittling” or as they would say, “we-ut-lin” ) Just as I’m thinking somebody has lost an unbelievable piece of work, all of a sudden, it flies away. After some research, I found out it’s called a Clymene Haploa Moth. Clymene Moth

LeConte Lodge

LeConte Lodge 2

This is the second sketch I’ve done of LeConte Lodge in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Someone saw the other one I’d done on google and contacted me and said this is where they were engaged and asked if I would do another one with their engagement date on it.  It’s always a privilege to be a small part of the special occasions in people’s lives. This is one of the reasons I enjoy drawing.



Congrats Chalk Board

You never want to set the bar too high…

Thank you, Artwork by Christina Bourgeois, who said I could sketch this when I saw the actual photo on her blog and it made me laugh. Check out her blog.

Pike Place Gum Wall

Gum WallIt’s summer and like most sit-coms, you get re-runs during the summer.  I’m gone getting more sketches done and what not and I posted this weeks ago, so in a way, I’m communicating to you from the future… anyway, this a picture I did of the Pike Place Gum Wall in Seattle way back in season 1… enjoy. Here are some actual photos verifying this place does exist.

Seattle (7)gum wall 2