LeConte Lodge

LeConte Lodge 2

This is the second sketch I’ve done of LeConte Lodge in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Someone saw the other one I’d done on google and contacted me and said this is where they were engaged and asked if I would do another one with their engagement date on it.  It’s always a privilege to be a small part of the special occasions in people’s lives. This is one of the reasons I enjoy drawing.



Congrats Chalk Board

You never want to set the bar too high…

Thank you, Artwork by Christina Bourgeois, who said I could sketch this when I saw the actual photo on her blog and it made me laugh. Check out her blog.

Pike Place Gum Wall

Gum WallIt’s summer and like most sit-coms, you get re-runs during the summer.  I’m gone getting more sketches done and what not and I posted this weeks ago, so in a way, I’m communicating to you from the future… anyway, this a picture I did of the Pike Place Gum Wall in Seattle way back in season 1… enjoy. Here are some actual photos verifying this place does exist.

Seattle (7)gum wall 2


Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson-page-0

I am officially nominating Ron Swanson as head of the Food and Drug Administration.  Let me explain.  These advertisements you see for different drugs always make me chuckle a little thru my nose when they begin telling us of the side effects this drug might cause if you take it.  Personally, I think I’d rather deal with depression than have blurred or loss of vision and/or hearing, diarrhea, dizziness, heart attack or stroke, and in rare cases death, confusion (don’t need a drug for that), convulsions, fast talking, vomiting, fidgeting, shuffling walk, severe mood or mental changes, etc,…etc,…but hey these are “smart- educated” folks and we are gullible.

I believe if Ron Swanson were in charge, the drugs would not only band-aid the problem but the side effects would be positive. Something you’d WANT to have as a side effect like: “Daily use of this drug may cause…”:

  • unusually good hip hop dance abilities, (call your doctor if this last longer than 4 hours…)
  • able to remember casual acquaintances’ children’s birthdays and their body weight when they were born, (males only)
  • the ability to grow a Tom Selleck ‘stache, (males only)
  • increased hearing, like better than dogs,
  • a supernatural ability to understand women completely, (males only)
  • to communicate with animals, (especially fish and other useful game), or using this drug may cause:
  • user to fully understand British humor and Canadian politeness,
  • increased vision, (as in telescopic)
  • custom scented bowel movements,
  • never lock your keys in your car,
  • a cure for the summer time blues, (Alan Jackson only)
  • may cause an increased desire to attend amateur poetry jam sessions,
  • a severe love for sit-ups and lunges, and
  • the ability to cook minute rice in 57 seconds,
  • a sudden understanding that Kimmie and Kanye are not the smartest people to pattern your life after.

Those are just a few positive side effects I believe Ron Swanson would implement. And a few  involving bacon…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


We have chickens.  I’m really enjoying the education I’m getting from all the benefits of having them. Other than really fresh organic eggs, the compost they provide for the garden is unbeatable. The converted shed I made for them as a hen house was a cross between a barn and the children’s play place at McDonald’s…evidently they aren’t into playing as much as I thought. But I can hardly wait to build another.

While I was shoveling “compost” the other day, I was thinking how resourceful chickens are with their daily offerings and the thousands of uses eggs provide for us, you know, like cake, waffles, egg-nog…and Rocky would never have made 5 more sequels had he not drank a half-dozen raw eggs to train with. Haven’t had too much experience eating the chickens, cooking up an old dried up hen isn’t as tasty as you would think, (because I know that’s what you’re thinking…) so until we are desperate enough to have to eat them, I’ll stick with my spicy chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A with plenty of Chick-fil-A sauce!