Happy Harvest

Sawtooth Wine Barrel.jpeg

I love this this time of year, it’s my favorite without question. It’s a time to gather in the fruits of our labors and enjoy the blessings and share abundance. I can’t ever remember a time when there wasn’t much more than enough. Here’s where a thankful heart should come in. It’s a time to remember how blessed we are and that we really do reap what we sow. And we always receive much more than we give. It amazes me how our lives parallel this law of sowing and reaping. I thank my God everyday for the abundance of blessings we have, and He even provides the “seeds” to sow. This is the most wonderful time of the year!

Sawtooth Winery

Sawtooth Winery

This is the perfect time to head to the vineyard! The grapes are ripening, the leaves are starting to turn and the days are sunny and warm (not hot) and cool evenings. Sawtooth Winery is one of many vineyards we have here in SW Idaho with an incredible view of the Snake River and Owyhee Mountain Range. And of course the acres and acres of vines all in rows ready to be harvested.  I drew this while visiting on an incredible day last week right on the vines! Here’s a pic from the balcony of the wine tasting area.SawtoothWinery2



Coke Can 2

Thank you all for reading and checking out my doodles these past two years!  I appreciate all your comments and kind words, I wouldn’t share these sketches if it weren’t for all of you.  My goal is to draw for fun and maybe make someone chuckle alittle thru their nose sometimes.  I don’t know how long I will do this, but for now, I would buy you all a Coke and love to hear your stories! Real life is always way better than anything Hollywood can make up. Thank you again for your support these past 2 years! –Brad

PS: One time I ordered a Coke and our server replied, “Is Pepsi Ok?”…to which I replied, “If I tip you with monopoly money, would that be Ok?”  She thought that was funny.


Rembrandt’s Coffee House

Rembrandts Coffee

Located in Eagle, Idaho is Rembrandt’s Coffee House. One of my favorite places to go to. Good coffee, food, and atmosphere. I also appreciate the fact that Rembrandt’s supports and openly endorses putting an end to human trafficking and the sex slave industry in the U.S. and around the globe.



Do you Vespa?

Vespa 2

I know I do.  It happens every time on my imaginary trips I take with my wife,  when suddenly a Vespa appears like this one and we ride off together to some quaint village restaurant for the most amazing homemade Italian food and wine we’ve ever had.  Try it sometime. It’s good to Vespa once in awhile.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

One of my hobbies is to people watch when I’m at an airport. This is better than the zoo! Here, I sit, and they walk past me. I never sit at my assigned gate either. Like a sniper, I sit back at a distance. Watching. Waiting. On my recent trip, I noticed people generally exit the aircraft and find a bathroom. I’m usually in this group, too. The other thing people do is look for an outlet to recharge their devices.  You can see them coming, walking toward a “Power Port” with so much hope on their faces only to be denied by a cluster of other devices…These are almost always full with a waiting line. The devices reminded me of those little green martians on Toy Story that were mesmerized by “The Claaaaw”. The devices would gather around the power ports, gazing up at “the source of life” in awe and bewilderment, no doubt waiting to go on facebook to reveal some earth shattering news like, “just landed” or “just went to the bathroom”…I’m not in this group as I am not on facebook nor do I want to be. As I was people watching, I saw something rare and exotic. Two people actually talking in conversation face to face without checking their phones every 17 seconds. Fascinating.